About Us
Maoming Guanmei Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. is located in Gaozhou of Maoming in western Guangdong Province. Founded in 2018, it covers an area of 90,000m2 and is a manufacturer of building decorative aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profile with the combination of extrusion, anodizing, electrophoresis, coating and wood grain.
Guanmei Aluminum currently possesses a number of advanced extrusion and coating production lines, anodizing production lines and so on. The products are widely used in doors and windows, curtain walls, furniture, lighting, automobiles, electrical appliances, machinery etc.
Guanmei Aluminum adopts strict ERP production management system, insists on the management philosophy of "strict, precise, high and clear", and the business philosophy of "quality priority, reputation first, management focus and sincere service", and is providing quality products to users and creating value for the society.
Chairman Message
Never has there been an era like ours in which information is unimpeded, the world is comprising everything in sight, the politics, economy and culture collide and blend so fiercely; never has there been a nation like ours, once its long-suppressed passion and vitality are released, so great energy has been generated that entrepreneurial legends continue and corporate heroes emerge in succession.
In this context, Maoming Guanmei Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. was born as the times require.
We open up our territory, fly against the wind, and leave all the way brilliance with hardworking. We have excellent and innovative products, professional team and smooth sales channels, we are growing and developing steadily.
We are eager to work with those who are ambitious and down-to-earth, in this era of material wealth surging and stormy waves, supporting each other, never giving up, bearing the responsibility of society, and achieving the dream of life.