Circular on the Issuance of Green Industry Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition)
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Strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and promoting green development need strong technical support and industrial foundation. Developing green industry is not only a strong support to promote the construction of ecological civilization and win the battle of pollution prevention and control, but also an important content to cultivate new momentum of green development and achieve high-quality development. In recent years, all regions and departments attach great importance to the development of green industry, and have issued a series of policies and measures, which have effectively promoted the development and growth of green industry. But at the same time, it also faces such problems as generalization of concepts, different standards and inadequate supervision. In order to further clarify the industrial boundaries, guide the limited policies and funds to the most important, key and urgent industries for promoting green development, effectively serve major strategies, major projects and major policies, and lay a solid industrial foundation for winning the battle of pollution prevention and control and building a beautiful China, the National Development and Reform Commission has worked out the "Green Industry" with relevant departments. Guidance Catalogue (2019 Edition) (hereinafter referred to as "Catalogue"). You are hereby issued with the following notifications concerning the relevant matters.

1. Local governments and departments shall, on the basis of the Catalogue and in accordance with their respective fields and regional development priorities, adopt policies and measures in investment, price, finance and taxation to strengthen green industries such as energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production and clean energy.

2. The National Development and Reform Commission will gradually formulate detailed catalogues or sub-catalogues based on the Catalogue in conjunction with relevant departments, according to the actual needs of different supporting policies such as investment, price and finance, so as to guide organs, groups, enterprises and social organizations to better support the development of green industry and strive to improve the operability of the Catalogue.

3. The National Development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments and relying on social forces, will set up an expert committee on green industry to provide relevant professional advice for the implementation of the Catalogue in various fields, the formulation of detailed catalogues and sub-catalogues, and the formulation of green industry standards. Gradually establish a green industry identification mechanism, and introduce social intermediary organizations to carry out related services in an orderly manner.

4. Local governments and departments should further strengthen international and domestic exchanges of experience, promote the experience and practice of expanding green industries, and promote the establishment of mutual recognition mechanism between the Catalogue and relevant international green standards. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will jointly guide or inspect associations, committees, certification bodies and enterprises in various regions and undertaking relevant work within the scope of its authority. In the process of implementing the Catalogue, if there are new situations and problems, please report them to the relevant departments in time.

5. Local governments and departments should strengthen the connection between the Catalogue and the existing green industry support policies, properly handle the stock funds and projects, and gradually adjust the scope of policy support in accordance with the Catalogue. Data statistics of existing policies can be made before and after the publication of the Catalogue.

6. The National Development and Reform Commission, together with relevant departments, will timely adjust and revise the Catalogue in accordance with the major tasks of national ecological civilization construction, the status of resources and environment, the key points of pollution prevention and control, the progress of science and technology, and the development of industrial markets.

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